Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Smith Men

I recently wrote about my maternal grandfather, Glenn Murray Smith.

Before I continue with information about the Smith line, I wanted to share this wonderful photo of four generations of Smith men. My grandfather is at left, in his Navy uniform. His father, Glenn Alvin Smith, stands just behind him. His grandfather, Walter Samuel Smith, stands to the right, holding his great-grandson, Tom Smith.

I believe this photo was taken in early 1945, when my grandparents were living in Forrestville, on the Russian River in Northern California. My grandfather, Glenn, joined the Navy in March 1945. This photo was likely taken around the time he departed for boot camp in San Diego. The setting appears to be the Forrestville home where Glenn was still living with my grandmother, LaVerne, and their son, Tom.

This is one of only three photos I have of Walter Samuel Smith, so it is especially precious.

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