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  1. I'd respectfully as for your permission to use the info and photos regarding the loss of Lawrence G. Cook's crew. I am the grandson of a former B-24 bombardier who served with his same bomb group - Seventh Bombardment Group of the Tenth Air Force - in the US Army Air Corps during WW2. I have assembled a data base of men of that Group, and a website to honor them. I commend you for the amount and accuracy of the details that you've assembled regarding the downing of Reese's ship. Please visit my site, to determine whether or not my endeavor is worthy of your assistance. Contact me at your convenience. Email - Thank You. Regards, Michael Hernandez

  2. hello, my gfather union soldier served with your gfather and uncles from pinckneyville, il and mine was also killed in action at ft donelson tn. could you provide your email to discuss this bit of family history? thanks

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