Monday, January 29, 2018

Glenn Murray Smith - Childhood Photos

My maternal great-grandparents, Glenn Alvin Smith and Genevieve Murray Smith, took many photos of their seven children. I am lucky to have inherited a treasure trove of photos of my grandfather, Glenn Murray Smith, and his siblings. I shared several of them in my last post about Glenn, but there are so many more wonderful images tucked away in archival sleeves in my filing cabinet. Here's a photo post to show them off, with more to come in the future.

I think Glenn is about age two in these photos. At right, he plays with his elder sister, Virginia Kathryn Smith, who was about a year and a half older than him.

At left, Glenn (center) enjoys a snack with his sisters, Virginia (left) and Barbara (right). Barbara was about a year and a half younger than Glenn. At right, Glenn sits on the lap of his paternal grandfather, Walter Samuel Smith. His sisters Virginia and Barbara are also in the photo.

Genevieve Murray Smith with children (L-R): Barbara Frances, Glenn Murray, Virginia Kathryn

A slightly older Glenn shows off his Cub Scout salute in the photo at left.

Glenn and one of his sisters in toy cars. I can't tell if this is Virginia or Barbara.

At left, Glenn all dressed up for a special occasion. At right, an older Glenn on a fishing trip.

Glenn (left) in the snow with his sisters (L-R): Patricia, Barbara, Virginia

Glenn on the rings, with Barbara and Patricia on the rings next to him. In the tire swing, Virginia holds baby Shirley.

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