Monday, February 12, 2018

Glenn Murray Smith - Wedding Photos and The Early Years of Marriage

This is the final entry in a series of photo posts about my maternal grandfather, Glenn Murray Smith. Many of these photos were taken at my grandfather's wedding to my grandmother, LaVerne Rutherfurd, on November 1, 1941 in Los Angeles. There is also a photo from their honeymoon. In addition, I've included some pictures from the early years of my grandparents' marriage, particularly the period when they lived in Forestville, in Sonoma County, California.

I am very lucky that my grandparents and their family members took so many photos, and that they preserved and labeled them so they could be passed down to me. I am doing my due diligence in scanning them, putting them in archival sleeves, and storing them so they will last many more years.

Glenn Murray Smith and LaVerne Rutherfurd at their wedding rehearsal dinner

Wedding portrait

Glenn and LaVerne were married on November 1, 1941 in Los Angeles. At right, the bride and groom are pictured with Glenn's parents, Genevieve Murray Smith and Glenn Alvin Smith.

At right, the bride and groom are pictured with the bride's father, George Roscoe Oliver Rutherfurd.

Glenn and LaVerne during their honeymoon.

Glenn with his first child, Glenn Thomas "Tom" Smith, at the Russian River in Northern California.

Glenn with his son Tom.

Glenn and LaVerne with their first child, Tom.

Christmas 1943

At right, Glenn stands with LaVerne's cousin, Patricia Rutherfurd (daughter of Magdalene Barrett Rutherfurd).

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