Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Years of "Know Their Stories"

Know Their Stories celebrates two years of existence today.  Happy blogoversary!  Eighty-seven posts later, I have only skimmed the surface of my family's history, and look forward to sharing many more stories in the years to come.

The most popular posts on Know Their Stories in the past year:

Sharing Your Family History with Children and Young Adults -  Many genealogists lament the lack of interest from younger generations.  Here are my suggestions for engaging the kids in your family history.

The Parents of Lena Schmidt Laun - This post shows how I used probate records to (finally!) prove the parentage of my husband's great-grandmother.

The Series About my Rutherfurd and Dickson Ancestors in Douglas, Wyoming - I wrote a number of posts this year about the small town of Douglas, Wyoming.  My family members there ran the local hospital, owned the hardware store, and raised children on a working ranch.

Patrick Barrett and Catherine Reynolds and Albert Patrick Barrett - These posts about my third great grandparents and their son, Albert, my second great-grandfather, tell of coal mining and railroad work by Irish immigrant families in Maryland and Illinois.

Richard Stockton: Signer of the Declaration of Independence - My second cousin nine times removed signed the Declaration of Independence.  Great reading for the Fourth of July!

Other notable posts from Know Their Stories:

The series on Gil Cook, a B-24 pilot killed by friendly fire during World War II, which I wrote last year, continues to bring new readers to my blog.  In the past few months, I've been contacted by two family members of airmen from Gil's unit, who've provided additional details about Gil's last moments, the investigation, and the lives of the other men on his plane.  I've also been added to a Facebook group dedicated to the 7th Bombardment Group, and am learning a lot about the history of this group and their mission in the India-China-Burma Theater of World War II.  This topic continues to be of great interest to me, and there will undoubtedly be more posts about it.

Conflicting versions of how my grandparents met - Interesting discrepancies were found in their memoirs.

Reevaluating our DNA Results - Remember when my father's Y-DNA results indicated that our paternal line was, um, interrupted?  Yeah.  I needed to get to the bottom of that.

Thank you for reading Know Their Stories!  I am grateful for all the feedback I have received and appreciate those who take the time to read about these fascinating ancestors.


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more years of great blogging.