Friday, August 30, 2013

Grandma's University Diploma

My oldest child started Kindergarten last week, so school has been very much on my mind.  Yesterday, I picked up one of the family history binders that was left to me after my Grandma passed away, and right inside the cover I discovered her university diploma.  It's the original document, and still in perfect condition.

LaVerne Rutherfurd received her diploma from the University of Southern California on June 10, 1939.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Letters Arts and Sciences.   It lists her major as psychology, which was totally new information to me.

Grandma as a college student in the late 1930s

Tucked behind the diploma was a certificate certifying that she served on the Sophomore Class Council, which I believe is part of the USC student government.  I did not know she had been involved in the student council, either.  It's wonderful information, and makes me wonder what other treasures I will find in these files and boxes.

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